Handling a Stubborn Dog: Steps to Take When They Won't Walk

Two dogs walking

Picture this. You're walking your dog when it spots a bunny. The dog stands in one spot and refuses to move before almost pulling your arm out of its socket to get to the bunny.

When you walk your dog, they're surrounded by sniffs, small woodland creatures, and a million other distractions that can make them stop in their tracks.

The good news is that there are things you can do when a dog stops walking and won't move. Check out this guide to learn how to walk a dog.

Assess the Situation

When walking a dog, if they stop walking, take a second to assess the situation. Why is your dog not walking?

Did they see something or catch a strange sniff? Do they seem to be acting irregularly?

A dog that's licking their paw could be injured. If it's in the middle of the winter, their paws might be cold. Once you learn why your dog is refusing to move, you can work towards finding a solution.

Reduce Hyper Attachment

Some types of dogs easily form attachments. They may refuse to walk if their favorite person isn't the one holding the leash. It won't be easy, but you can reduce this attachment.

The other owner will have to put some distance between them and the dog. That doesn't mean they aren't allowed to show affection toward the pupper. It only means they shouldn't let the dog follow them to the bathroom.

The person who isn't the favorite should take some time to bond with the dog. Play with them using their favorite toys, for example.

Be Patient With the Dog

When your dog stops walking, you might be tempted to pull them to persuade them to move. This will only agitate the poor thing.

It's better to be patient with the dog. If they're sniffing something you don't want them to eat, then yes, pull them away from it. However, if they're simply distracted, try to regain their attention by presenting them with a treat.

Let Your Dog Rest

Walking a dog takes a lot of energy out of them. If you've been going for a while on a hiking trail, they may need to take a moment to rest. This is especially true if they're an older pup.

Give them a moment to catch their breath. If you have a way to give them water, let them drink.

Restart Their Training

Training a dog isn't easy. Sometimes you think they have walking down, only for them to stop in their tracks every five minutes.

You may need to start over from the beginning. Consider enrolling your pet in a training course to help them develop better walking habits.

Know What to Do If Your Dog Stops Walking and Won't Move

If your dog stops walking and won't move, chances are, it's not laziness. They're exhausted or injured. Sometimes, it's a simple matter of distraction.

Whatever the case, there are things you can do to keep your dog's attention on the task at hand. At worst, you may need to restart their training or hire a professional dog walker.

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