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Walking And Visits

Do you walk dogs in extreme heat?
Yes. In summer with high heat and humidity we take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your pet. We will avoid hot sidewalks and walk in the grass utilizing the shade if possible. We may shorten the walk and utilize indoor play time.
Do you walk dogs in the winter?
Yes. In winter we take extra precautions. These precautions might mean utilizing Musher's Secret (TM)-a 100% natural wax that protects paws from the build up of snow, ice and provides an added protection from salt and ice melt chemicals. We may reduce the length of walk and utilize indoor play time to complete the visit. We may walk on grassy areas to avoid icy sidewalks and streets. We will utilize any pet coats you may provide.
If school is cancelled due to winter weather, do you cancel visits?

If OPS (Omaha Public Schools) close, most walks are automatically cancelled*

*exceptions for our essential worker clients (healthcare providers, law enforcement, etc who do not get snow days off-please notify us if you fall into this category)-in these cases we will work with you to find the nearest available walker and may shorten the visit for your pets protection.

Will more than one person walk my dog or visit my pet?
Yes. To ensure your pet has uninterrupted coverage, we will have two or three pet specialists assigned to your pet. This ensures in the event of a sick call, vacation time etc there is a pet specialists available and familiar with your pet.
How is the scheduled visit time utilized when you visit my fur crew?
Our time starts when we enter your home. We document "as we go" during the visit. We spend a few minutes leashing up and unleashing at end and refilling water, giving a treat. The majority of the visit (20-22 minutes) is spent walking. For pet visits we will follow the same practice as our walk visits but utilize extra time if feeding is required, bringing in mail or trash cans and checking on safety of your home.
What is included in a visit note, how am I notified of a completed visit and where can I see these details?
We utilize an application called Time to Pet. After each visit you will receive an e-mail notification. You will see a note in the conversation feed of Time to Pet after each visit. Each visit note includes time of arrival and completion, GPS of area we traveled, a report card with visit specifics (did they pee, poop, get water, fed, etc.) along with a short note and picture. You can find all this information within the email and see GPS route & time in /out by clicking on the blue details tab
What are normal walking hours?
Normal walking/visit hours are M-F 9am-330pm.
Do you do visits/walks outside or normal business hours?
Yes! Any visit outside of our normal business hours are called Pet Sit Visits and are subject to Pet Care Specialist availability.
Do you walk/visit more than one pet?
Yes! We will only walk 2 dogs at a time (see Safety FAQs). Our prices included up to 4 pets. If you are lucky to have more than 4 pets we charge a $10 fee per additional pet per visit.
What do you provide during a visit?
We provide a visit note, poop bags, safe care and love of your pet.


Are you insured and bonded?
Are all your pet care specialists background checked?
Do you use rectractable leashes?
No. It is our policy to put one hand through the handle of the leash and then hold firmly onto leash. This is to ensure continuous grip on your pet's leash throughout the visit. We can not utilize this grip with rectractable leashes.
Can you run or jog with my dog?
No. In order to ensure we have good control of your dog at all times we won't run or jog with them. We may power walk them at a good pace.
I have multiple dogs. Can you walk them all together?
We will walk two dogs at a time. So if you have more than two we will divide our time in walking them in groups of two.
How do you ensure my pet is safe in your care?
  • We have a checklist we follow each visit to ensure we follow company policies.
  • Each Pet care Specialist carries a pack that includes extra leashes, a hands-free belt with a carabiner clip and animal deterrent spray for extra security.
  • It is our policy to document anything that occurs during the visit that is out of the ordinary
What if there is an emergency?
We will first attempt to contact you. If unable to reach you, we will contact your listed emergency contact. Emergency contacts should be someone local, you trust to make decisions based on your pet and has access to your home.


How long is an overnight visit?
We guarantee 12 hours, additional time is an optional fee.
Can you bring in mail, trash and water the plants?
Yes! These are all included in our service.
Will anyone else be coming to our home?
No! It is strict policy of Housebound Hounds that only the scheduled employee will be at your home.
Can I hire you to come only at night and have a neighbor, friend, relative take care of my pets during the day?
No. Our insurance company has strict rues against job sharing for liability reasons.
I will be out of the country, what happens if there is an emergency?
We require an emergency contact that we can call if an emergency should come up. Emergency contacts should be someone you trust to make decisions in your absence.

Scheduling / Cancellations

What is your cancellation policy?
Pet sits canceled or moved for any reason will be subject to a non-refundable pet sit deposit charge. Overnight pet sits canceled with fewer than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Walks canceled after 7 pm for services the following day will incur a 50% charge. Walks canceled the day of service will incur a full charge.
What is your cancellation policy for holiday visits?
Visits canceled on Holidays are subject to a 50% charge if canceled 48-72 hours before scheduled services and a 100% charge if canceled less than 48 hours.
What is your cancellation policy for overnight visits?
We require at least a 48 hour notice and a 50% cancellation fee of one overnight is charged.
What is the latest I can request a walk?
Walks must be requested by 7pm the night prior to scheduled visit. For visit requests that we are able to accommodate for following day or same day there will be a $10 Scheduling Expedite fee applied to each visit.
How much notice do you require for after hour visits and Overnights?
We prefer a two week notice to check and ensure a pet specialist availability.
How far in advance can I schedule my walks/visits?
You can request visits through the entire current calendar year. We prefer you schedule your walks for a month at a time.

Any Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions. Communcation is important to us.